Heritage Museum Libraries

The Library in the Gaelic Heritage Museum has become a well loved and well used place for many people on the island, both young and not so young.

We are really lucky to have two libraries for our use: the private David White Library and the Argyll & Bute Lending Library. Over the past couple of years a good Reference section has been built up, which, because it contains several books on nature subjects, has been used a lot by visitors wishing to identify a bird or a flower or whatever. Gifts of suitable reference books are always gratefully received. 

The David White Library contains a very fine selection of Gaelic and English books which are in locked bookcases as they are very special.  They are available, however, for anyone who wishes to read or do research in the Library.  Please ask whoever is on duty to help you find what you want.  These books are for use only in the Library and there are up-to-date lists of both Gaelic and English books there, with details of bookcase and shelf.  This database is already on the CELM website. 

The books in English encompass folklore, archaeology, the Church and history, besides other genres.  A recent gift of several of the finest books on archaeology has made that section particularly good. Among the Gaelic books are many on poetry and song, collections of oral lore and some very old grammars and dictionaries. 

The Argyll and Bute Lending Library is for everyone on the island to enjoy.  Children are particularly welcome and have their own special corner with a cosy rug and a teddy to cuddle.  The books are changed completely three times a year in April, August and December.  The Staff at headquarters in Sandbank are very happy to source a requested book, or books. 

Please note down the books you are borrowing, in the notebook provided, and tick them off when you return them.  It’s only fair not to keep the books out for too long, say two weeks, so that everyone has a chance to borrow them, particularly the colourful children’s books and large adult non-fiction.  As usual, you may use the Library whenever the Heritage Centre is open but in winter only when someone is working there or on Wednesday afternoons when I hope to be there. 

Happy reading!  Barbara