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Lismore Luminations

Lismore Luminations is a small family business on the beautiful island of Lismore on the west coast of Scotland.

We are so fortunate to live on the tranquil island of Lismore and make luxury, hand poured, soy candles inspired by the nature and beautiful surroundings of the island.

Every candle we offer is infused with a blend of premium fragrance oils and is hand poured in small batches, in our island workshop, using only 100% natural rapeseed and coconut wax.

Let Lismore luminations fill your home with beautiful fragrances to sooth and delight your senses.

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Heritage Centre

Isle of Lismore Cafe

Fully licenced Cafe serving delicious lunches, dinners and amazing home-baking. Owned by local couple Sarah and Dan, this cafe is a real gem not to be missed on your visit to the Isle of Lismore.

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Lismore Community Stores and Post Office

Lismore Community Stores and Post Office

Open 6 days a week Monday to Saturday (closed Wednesday afternoon) 9.00am to 5.00pm, Wednesday 9.00am to 1.00pm

Selling general groceries, fresh fruit and vegetables, milk, eggs, bread and more.

Hot drinks and snacks are also available.

Contact lismorecommunitystores@gmail.com

or call 01631 760028

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Explore Lismore Land Rover Tours & Picnics

Join expert local guide Robert for an unforgettable island adventure! Explore Lismore offers bespoke Land Rover tours & delicious picnics as wel as Guided Paddle Boarding on the Isle of Lismore.

Explore Lismore is a small tour operator on the beautiful green island of Lismore. This family business is run by islander Robert Smith & his Dutch partner Iris. They offer bespoke, private-hire tours by Land Rover, highlighting the island's rich heritage, spectacular scenery & wildlife, local crafts & produce and its close-knit community. Add a delicious Dutch Bakery picnic to your tour - all made with fresh, locally grown ingredients. Open all year round!

New: Guided Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Port Ramsay! Join Robert or Iris for a relaxing paddle in the clear waters of Port Ramsay bay. Say hi to the seals and spot otters, oystercatchers and curlews,  while enjoying views of the Great Glen and beautiful kelp forests below. A homemade picnic on Ramsay Island makes this one-of-a-kind experience complete.

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Mogwaii Design

A range of home and fashion accessories designed and handcrafted by Sarah Campbell in her studio on the Isle of Lismore.

Products include bespoke, made to measure blinds, curtains and a distinctive range of cushions and throws. Also, for those of you needing a fashion fix, have a look at Mogwaii's range of hats and scarves. Many of Sarah's designs draw inspiration from the colours and flora of Lismore.

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Lismore News

Lismore Grass Fed Beef and Lamb

The Sailean Project

Grass fed Highland beef, shearling lamb and pasture raised chicken

We aim to minimise soil disturbance and keep the soil covered with living plants and roots to prevent the erosion of topsoil and release of carbon into the atmosphere.

We allow time for plants to recover between grazing and the resulting stronger plants transfer more carbon into the soil.

The animals provide organic matter to feed the soil, contributing to a healthier environment for diverse species of plants and insects to thrive, improving resilience to drought or flood and keeping more carbon where it belongs.

The animals live healthier lives and the resulting meat is nutrient dense and delicious!

Visit our Website: www.saileanproject.co.uk

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Shepherd’s Cottage Soaps and Luxuries

Shepherd’s Cottage Soaps is an artisan soap and body care business situated on the beautiful Scottish island of Lismore, or in Gaelic, Lios Mòr, the Great Garden. 

All my products are handmade in small batches, using only the best quality natural ingredients with no artificial fragrances, colourants, or preservatives, and all of the packaging is compostable, reusable, or recyclable.

The spirit of our island community and its landscape is in every bar of Shepherd’s Cottage soap, every soft peak of body whip, each label and each curve of twine. Every time you buy a Shepherd’s Cottage product you take a piece of it with you, handmade with love.

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