About Lismore

Lismore Parish Church

Lismore, long, narrow, low-lying and fertile, sits neatly in Loch Linnhe in the south-western end of the Great Glen.

The island is tranquil and unspoiled, and surrounded on all sides by stunning mountain scenery, from Ben Nevis in the north (snow-covered in winter) and the Glencoe hills, round, in a clockwise direction, to Ben Cruachan, the hills of Mull to the south and Morvern to the west.

The island is steeped in history, particularly religious history, having been the seat of the Bishops of Argyll, with a Cathedral church, dating from the 13th century, partly surviving in the present Church of Saint Moluag. Saint Who? Saint Moluag, a contemporary and, legend has it, rival of Saint Columba: Moluag it was who brought Christianity to Lismore.

But we’ve also got an Iron Age Broch, Castle Coeffin (a ruined Norse stronghold) – ruined castles enough, in fact, to satisfy all your romantic fantasies!