Lismore Stores and Post Office

Lismore Stores and Post Office  - now owned by the community

IMG_9656.jpegThe stores and post office reopened on Tuesday 21st November as a community owned business.

Lismore Community trust has raised over £80,000 allowing the purchase of the business, restocking and allowing necessary refurbishments.

Roxanne MacColl has been appointed manager and Bob Davies will continue to work in the shop.

The shop also has a new van after a generous donation from Lismore Community Transport who now have a new electric vehicle.








BBC Scotland and the Guardian newspaper have reported on the community buy out of the stores and post office:

See the BBC news report

Guardian report


Scroll down to read the share offer prospectus

FCA Certificate and Rules

Full document here

Business Plan

Management BoardPicture of Lismore stores

Julie Livingstone (secretary)

Laura Savill 

Peter Walker

Brona MacDougall

Donald Alexander MacColl

Jane McClusky

Tony Currie

Management Board Meetings

Community Share Offer

Click on the Prospectus to read more.

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The share offer has now closed.


Share Withdrawal Policy

There are a number of websites that provide information and guidance about community shares and community ownership support.


Community Engagement Surveys

The trust have carried out three surveys as listed below, click on each survey to see the result.

Survey 1: Initial questionnaire regarding Lismore shop/stores and post office

Survey 2: A community enterprise to run the shop/stores and post office on Lismore?

Survey 3: What would you want from a community shop/stores and post office on Lismore?