In Search of St Moluag

Of all the Irish missionaries who crossed the sea in coracles to bring Christianity to these islands, St Moluag is one of the least known and venerated. Yet, it was not always so. If reports are to be believed, he had a busy life travelling extensively from Lismore to establish communities similar to the one he had established here at Clachan.

Because the Parish Church in Lismore—once a grand edifice known as the Cathedral Church of St Moluag—is about to change ownership, use or both, we went in search of Lismore’s saint to discover where he and his coracle may have been and who remembered him. We hoped to give him back some visibility for both present—day islanders, the Lismore diaspora and the world. Why not? And to discover why he was called 'The apostle fo the Picts' among other things. The story is here