Lismore Church Consultation – Introduction to the Ballot Report 

The ballot results show that a significant majority of the respondents support progress to the next stage – seeking funds for a Business Plan and negotiating with the Church of Scotland.

A wide range of responses were received to the question on who best to lead the next steps and this diversity led to a delay in providing feedback until the best way of presenting them accurately and concisely was agreed. In the end, it was decided on a simple list.

However, the results are clear that a large majority want a collaborative approach, with the key island groups working together. The respondents also showed strong support for the eventual establishment of a new entity to take on ownership for the community and develop the various ideas that have been put forward. The new entity could comprise representatives from island groups and interested individuals. We note that this would limit any liability for existing island groups.

We propose that a meeting should be held between representatives of island groups as soon as possible, to take this forward.

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Lismore Community Council 30/04/2023


Completed ballot forms, showing your preferences, should be returned to the box in the Shop no later than noon on Saturday, 22 April. Also: - There will be a “Drop-In” session at the Hall from 2.00pm to 4.00pm this Saturday, 15 April, for anyone who requires more information, clarification or discussion on the topic before completing their ballot.

Thank you - on behalf of Lismore Community Council. 13 April 2023 


                         LISMORE CHURCH – THE FUTURE


Please read this and the attachments (on website and in shop) and NOTE Diary dates:

DROP-IN session 2 – 4pm, Sat 15th April in HALL

BALLOT DEADLINE   12pm, Sat 22nd April in SHOP

The most well-supported of your ideas for the future of the Church assets on the Island were discussed on 18th February (see folder in shop for SUMMARY REPORT and the full report; also available on

An OUTLINE BUSINESS CASE sets out the information available and shows the key items of work required for a Business Plan to assess whether a self-sustaining operation can be delivered to manage these assets - if acquired and developed. This Business Case is considered sufficient to inform negotiations with the Church of Scotland; a Business Plan will be required before a final acquisition decision is made or funding sought.

For more info, please see the Folder held at Lismore Stores or click on the links below. Printed copies of both the SUMMARY and the full Business Case documents are available in the Shop to be uplifted and studied.

An edited draft VISION STATEMENT reads:

“The Vision is for a multi-use space, for the benefit of the community and visitors. The Church, as focus, will interpret and celebrate Lismore’s spiritual history; welcome quiet retreats and pilgrimage activities; host musical and related performances in its excellent acoustics; and support life events – weddings, christenings and celebrations of lives well-lived. Use of the Church House and Glebe will complement the Church functions to ensure long-term viability.”

                                             PLEASE NOTE:

This introductory cover note is being hand delivered to each household where this is understood to be the islanders’ main residence. Sufficient copies of the Ballot Form are being enclosed for ALL those aged 16 and over thought to be at the address; along with sufficient envelopes to ensure privacy and confidentiality of returns. This is, therefore, an anonymous ballot, the opening and counting of returns will take place in the Hall on Saturday 22nd April at 2pm; with the results posted shortly after.

THANKS to all those who have participated in the initial survey, drop-in day, and discussion event. The mandate for the community engagement exercise, co-ordinated by your Community Council Secretary since last October, has now ended – so a new mandate is required. PLEASE ASSIST!

The full set of BUSINESS CASE documents is available in Lismore Stores for anyone who wishes a hard copy to take away and study – more can be supplied as required. ALL the related documents will be posted on


2pm – 4pm on SATURDAY 15th April in the HALL

This has been added to the programme, for questions to be raised and issues shared, prior to the ‘Next Steps’ ballot.

For further queries, comments or suggestions, please contact Mandie Currie at Point Steadings or email


March 2023

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