Community Trust


Our Mission is to improve the quality of life on the Island of Lismore

The Lismore Community Trust is an independent charitable trust which raises funds and grants from external bodies and harnesses the resources of the island, to encourage and support projects, however large or small to enhance the experience of living on our island.

Our Values are to be Open, Democratic, Accountable and Enterprising

Membership of the trust is open to every resident, aged 12 and over, on the island of Lismore. Members are welcome to attend our board meetings. All minutes from all meetings are published on this website.

Our Vision is to be Influential, Sustainable and Respected

Working closely with other organisations we strive to make a positive contribution to community developments and with social enterprise projects to become less reliant on grant income.

Our Strategy is to work together to unlock the potential of our island

We strive to work in partnership with other community groups, local government, national government and non-governmental organisations to maximise the benefits for all our residents and to enhance the island experience for our visitors.

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