Travelling Around the Island

Bikes on the Ferry


Lismore is a small island. It is just 19 kilometres long and 2.5 kilometres wide at its widest point. It has, in total, about 25 kilometres of road, all of it single track with passing places. It is criss crossed with footpaths making it ideal place for a good walk!


If you need to get about a bit faster then a bike is a good option. You can bring your own bike free of charge on either ferry or bikes can be hired from Lismore Bike Hire. Telephone: 07376 425996. Facebook Page »


You can bring your car across on the Oban - Lismore ferry, but please note that there is no filling station on the island. If bringing your car please fill up on the mainland prior to boarding the ferry. All roads on Lismore are single track. Allow yourself time to get where you are going. On any journey you could come up behind a herd of sheep or cattle being moved, or a tractor and trailer too big to pull into any of the passing places. If this happens, your journey will just take more time. Take the opportunity to enjoy the views. Please use passing places to enable vehicles behind you, to get past.

Keep an eye out for the passing places. At any point you may need to reverse to the last one you passed. You can’t rely on the vehicle you meet being able to reverse; it could be a tractor pulling a trailer or a queue of vehicles. The passing places are not evenly spaced so you may find yourself reversing some way.

The verges can be soft and it is easy to get stuck in mud or a ditch hidden by long grass. Sticking to the paved areas is recommended. There are few opportunities to turn in the road (especially for longer vehicles) so you may need to drive to the next road junction to turn.

Taxi & Tour

Explore Lismore – Land Rover Tours, Taxi & Island Shuttle Service.
Book or inquire on 07490416255, 07578646689 or 07490416255
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Taxi in Appin

Thistle Taxi and Tours provides a private hire service and can also do mini tours for visitors to the area.
Telephone: 01631 730 373 and 07584 177132
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Please also read the notes above for cars which is relevant!

Overnight stays

There is only one site on the island for campervans and that is Lismore Bunkhouse and Campsite. They can be contacted for information and booking via their Facebook Page. Also, after the last ferries have run, there may be unused parking spaces at the two ferry terminals at Achnacroish and Point. If parking elsewhere, please be considerate – avoid private land, don’t block the view from a house etc.

Please do not drive on pasture, it is all too easy to leave ruts or get stuck in ground that remains soft long after it has last rained. If parking near the sea, be aware of tides!


There are public toilets at the ferry terminals at Achnacroish and Point. Both of these use septic tanks and so are NOT suitable for emptying chemical toilets. If you have a chemical toilet you will need to make sure it has sufficient capacity for your entire visit.


There is no mains water on Lismore, all houses are supplied from springs, wells or bore holes. There are no public drinking water taps on the island. Bottled water can be purchased in the shop but you would be well advised to bring all the water you will need for your visit.


Although there are bins for public recycling at the Achnacroish ferry terminal, there are no facilities for the disposal of other rubbish. Please be prepared to take all your rubbish away with you and dispose of it on the mainland.


There is no fuel station on Lismore so make sure you have enough for your visit.